Monday, August 8, 2011

Transient Rooms for Rent in Baguio City

Three (3) rooms are available for rent in a townhouse in Baguio City. 

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^ The townhouse has two (2) floors and an attic.

^ The second floor has one (1) bedroom for rent, as well as a living room and bathroom. The second floor bedroom has cable TV.

^ The attic contains two (2) rooms for rent, which brings the total number of available rooms to three (3).

^ The second floor has its own door leading outside, which makes it and the attic independent of the first floor, which is already occupied by a couple.

^ The bathroom on the second floor has a water heater.

^ There is a wraparound terrace on the second floor.

^ We are also in the process of having an internet connection installed. Once this is in place, a desktop with internet access will be made available to guests, for a fee. 


^ The townhouse is located at Celestial Village, Bgy. San Luis, Km. 2, Asin Road.

^ It is two (2) km. away from City Hall, and one (1) km. away from the Cooyesan Hotel and Recoletos Seminary.

^ It overlooks the Sta. Lucia Golf Estates. 


^ Rent for each attic room is P350 per person, per day.

^ Rent for the second floor bedroom is P450 per person, per day.

^ The second floor bathroom is shared by guests staying in the second floor bedroom and the attic rooms. If you would prefer to have the bathroom be private, we can do so by reserving the second floor, attic and bathroom exclusively for your use. The rent for this arrangement is P750 per person, per day. 

For inquiries, kindly text or call: 

^ (0917) 899 5326 ... Globe
^ (0932) 681 2962 ... Sun

^ Please look for Jenny

^ We can also pick up guests from the bus terminal, at no additional charge.

^ A car with a driver is also available for rent, for guests who would like to avail of a City Tour, or who would like to be brought around Baguio City.

^ Thank you for looking at this ad. :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Photos of the Baguio Townhouse and Rooms for Rent

Here are some photos of the townhouse in Baguio City, as well as its various rooms and areas.

Just click on any of these images to view a larger version of the photo. :)

(above) The second floor bedroom 

(above) An exterior shot of the townhouse

(above) The view from the wraparound terrace

More photos will follow, once we're able to take more recent pictures.  Thanks for viewing these images. :)

Why Set Up a Site Instead of Just Advertising on Other Sites?

Prior to setting up this site, we would simply advertise on a bunch of other places online.  For the most part, this arrangement was great, since setting up our own site seemed so hard, and at least those other sites already received a lot of visitors.

The only problem though was that many of them set limits to what you could or could not do. Sometimes you couldn't adjust the font, which was too bad, because we didn't want people to have trouble reading our ads. Sometimes they didn't allow photos to be uploaded, and so on and so forth.

So we thought that we'd just set up this simple spot on Blogger. We'll still advertise elsewhere, but at least there'll be this one place online which is easy for us to update, in the event things change. So for instance, if we adjust our pricing or add to the services we offer, this site will be the first place to be updated, to reflect those changes. :)

An Introduction

Hello. Thank you for visiting our site. :) 

We offer rooms for rent to transients and travelers, who wish to spend time in Baguio City. We only have a few rooms available, but in our view, the advantage of this is that we can offer something cozier and more like home to our guests.  

Again, thank you for dropping by, and we hope you find something here that you like. :)